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May 2021
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Welcome to Birchland Tree House Play Care Ltd. We have been in operation since 1992, providing a variety of childcare options to meet the diverse needs of the families in our area.

We offer Preschool, Before and After school care and a 3-5 Group Care program for children ages 6months to 12 years old attending Blakeburn, Irvine, and Birchland Elementary Schools and Minnikhada Middle School. All programs strive to provide a warm, caring and safe atmosphere for children to grow and develop.

Hello Families,

We are still open and doing our part to provide service to our community. We are back to running at full capacity . As for the many families that are to join us in the up coming months, we are still saving your spots and waiting for the day you children can join our amazing Birchland Tree House team.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and keeping your distance so we can get back to our normal daycare routine soon.

If you have any questions please send us an email or call the centre.

Stay safe!!

Amber and Darlene

We currently have a number of part-time and full time spot available for:

Preschool: 3 spots available

Infant and Toddler: 0 Spots available

3-5 Group Care: 4 Spots available

Out of School: No Spots available

We keep this post up-to-date. Please give us a call for more information!! We look forward to hearing from new families.

Registration OPEN for Preschool 2021!!

Please call us or stop by for a visit. We would love to show you all the wonderful things we are doing at Tree Climbers Preschool for the up coming year!! We look forward to meeting families and of course your children.

If you sign up early you can have the pick of what days you want we have 5 days/3 days/ 2 days per week.

We now have a 3 year old class and a 4 Year old class!

Give us a call to set up a viewing time!!!


Yearly Closures 2020 & 2021

We know a lot of families need to book holidays well in advance, the following are the yearly closures for 2020 & 2021. Just a reminder that the centre is closed for all statutory holidays including Boxing Day and Easter Monday.

We will be closed 2020:

August 24- Sept 4/2020, reopen on September 8/2020

December 28-Jan 1/2021, reopen on Jan 4/2021

December 24th/2020 the center will be closed early at 4pm

We will be closed 2021:

August 23- Sept 6/2021, reopen on September 7/2021

December 27-Dec 31/2021, reopen on January 3/2022

December 24th/2021 the center will be closed early at 4pm